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3:13Hudson-Odoi Handball?🤜🏾⚽ (Chelsea vs Man Utd)
3:32📖Klopp's Excuses!📖
2:49🚑Liverpool Hospital Tour🚑
🚑Liverpool Hospital Tour🚑Áhorf 744 þ.Mánuði síðan
2:54🤣#18 - Every Premier League Manager Reacts!🤣
3:30🔴Man Utd - TOP OF THE LEAGUE!🔴
🔴Man Utd - TOP OF THE LEAGUE!🔴Áhorf 752 þ.Mánuði síðan
14:19🙌My Top 5 442oons Videos 2020🙌
🙌My Top 5 442oons Videos 2020🙌Áhorf 649 þ.2 mánuðum síðan


  • Who’s here after cech got picked for the Chelsea premier league team 😂

  • 👎

  • I Want Filmora X to make a video as I'm 442oons subscriber since 2018😁

  • Bruh😂😂😂

  • I want Filmora X to make great vids, but i put up all money on Man City

  • Members only ?

  • Can we get a part 2 of the old characters

  • Does anything beat an angry Klopp 😂 😂

  • messi only scores penalties for Argentina

  • 0:28 Rickroll

  • 2:00 doesn't he sound like Cristiano Ronaldo?

  • Part 2 please

  • 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Pep - "How many goals will we score? " Me : "0-2"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Glory Glory Man United And, YNWA = You'll never win again 🤣😆🤣😆

  • ole whenever his job is on the line: * turns into saf

  • Does anyone know the real song?

  • Ozil 🤣⚡

  • i knew this was coming

  • I want Filmora X to make a day in the life of Bielsa's translator

  • I wanted another Manchester is Red

  • 1:59 sounds like ronaldo more than pep

  • 1:41 Shawberto Carlos 😁🤣🤣 Playstation one Speed 19 Shoot Power 19

  • Do more combined 11 XI

  • mcn was top class mnm could be the best attacking three of all time!

  • Real madrid

  • Özil stil with Arsenal kid come on hes at fenerbahce 💙💛🙌

  • Should use this song because of Liverpool downfall

  • How many times did United score? Pep: Twice! TWICE!

  • I want Filmora X to make lovely videos like 442oons! His videos are the best in the world so he is a god in editing in my heart! Please I really wait it to make videos like you~

  • Ola nion komo ya bien nada n krasfto

  • I want Filmora X to make a video for my grandma with her videos and pictures.

  • I can’t watch without hearing the music and singing “A-Z OOOOF 442oons!”

  • Can you bring another episode like this please or the characters react to old 442oons videos please 🙏

  • I miss old 442oons

  • 21 match unbeaten has stopped

  • Crazy cause usually they use a rip off of the regular song

  • Now we need the rangers,der classiker and madrid derby videos

  • Do more combined xi

  • For those who don’t know the name of the song is careless whisper -George Michael (it’s the best song ever written)

  • I want Filmora X to create airplane-related contents that (hopefully) will gain more audience than the (not many are really) Champions League Final, will last longer (in memory) than City's unbeaten run and Liverpool's losing run, and will create a bigger ISprofile channel than the City of Manchester stadium. *to all of you, no offense. The purpose is just joking with no intention to hurt anybody else.

  • DDG’s gf looks just like Evra’s wife. Is that every footballer in 442oons sharing the same girl for their partners?

  • Does this mean Ole stays? He is the luckiest coach in PL.

  • Whys Haaland welsh ffs haha

  • Oh it’s the bald fraud I’m out oh here

  • 2:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣davi

  • Familiar why is this so familiar

  • Shawberto carlos 🤣

  • nice

  • bringback Skleteon Cavani

  • Wait wait wait how many did man u scored? TWICE TWICE TWICE!!!! Yeah i know its bad

  • What Messi and Wenger have in common they two different pourtegees pepole

  • I’m just gonna say penalty utd

  • Ole singing sounds like Dejan Lovren

  • Doing an exam: Me: ok brain lets do this together My brain: Mancs like us we've ended Pep's unbeaten run

  • I have people screaming "join barca"

  • Jose could have said a gardener cause he need skits if sacks(of dirt)

  • #GGMU

  • 295 Man City fans disliked this video

  • 6 years ago I found this channel, stopped watching about a year ago and I came back 6 months ago

  • I want Flimora X to make a funny documentary on the Rise and Fall of The Mighty Gunners.

  • I want Filmora X to make a Composition of all the "My Money is on ManCity" Quotes, might take years tho! :D

  • Manchester is RED HAHAHI HAHAHA

  • Because Manchester ... IS RED ahahihaha

  • I miss the old one the old ones are better I grew up with them

  • Wow

  • 2:45 What video is this clip from? Anyone? Pls?

  • Suarez to a manager who lost one player from their front two: Need a new front three? Okay